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Essential Basic GTA SA Modding Tools

GTA San Andreas executable version 1.0 US Hoodlum No-CD (14 383 616 bytes)
Best gta_sa.exe with maximum mod compatibility. Works with almost every SA mod in existence.

Download gta_sa.exe 1.0 us hoodlum here

IMG Tools
Used for exploring .img archives to replace and browse for .dff, .txd, .ipl, .ifp and .col files.

Download IMG Tools here

TXD Workshop 
Used for editing .txd file which is a texture archive. Also has .dff checker, texture compress/decompression, and many other useful texturing functions.

Download TXD Workshop here

Kam's 3DS Max Script
A plugin for 3DS Max (Recommended using 3DS Max 2011 or older). A must have if you make mods that require modelling/rigging. Includes input/output tools for dff, ifp, collision, map objects, UV mapping, material editing, animation, and many more.

Download Kam's script for 3DS Max here

CLEO Library
Used for loading .cs files into the game. The custom scripts extends the game's possibilities to almost limitless. For creating your own script or modifying an existing one, you need Sanny Builder. CLEO 4 includes .asi loader.

CLEO Library
Sanny Builder 3

ASI Loader
A plugin used for loading .asi files to add more functionality to the game.

Silent's ASI Loader

Stream Limit Adjuster
An ASI plugin used to increase the limit of streams and archives to be loaded by the game and fix missing textures/building issues in the game.

IMG Limit and IMG Adjuster 3.0


Ped Editor
Used to view ped's name and 3D model. Also able to edit peds stats such as walking animation, aggression, group, used vehicles, and many others.

Ped Editor 

Handling Editor
Used to tune vehicle's handling, and change characteristics, damage tolerance, etc.

Handling Editor 1.0

Map Editor
Used for editing map objects placement, creating and adding objects, and other functions.

Map Editor 0.3beta

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