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Yu Narukami - Default Costume (GTA SA)

Yu Narukami from Persona 4: Dancing All Night by Atlus & Dingo. Model extracted using Noesis and converted to San Andreas by Feisal AR.

Installation (Basic)
1. Use IMG Tools (or others) to open "gta3.img"
2. Search "wmyst.dff" and "wmyst.txd"
3. Replace with the one in downloaded archive
Installation (Skin Selector)
1. Use IMG Tools (or others) to open "skin.img"
2. Rename "wmyst.dff" and "wmyst.txd" to whatever you want
3. Add (Ctrl + A) the dff and txd to your "skin.img"

yu narukami protagonist main gta sa skin persona dancing
Rare case of a proper bloke with bowl haircut? He's bro-tier, I think.

bowl haircut beatles
More bowl haircut: Alcoholic Britbongs edition.

Download Link:

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