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China Kousaka (GTA San Andreas)

China Kousaka from Gundam Build Fighters. MMD model by くまの / Kumano, converted and rigged for San Andreas by Feisal AR.

You can replace any pedestrian or add it to your skin.img.

Installation (Basic)
1. Use IMG Tools 2.0 (or others) to open "gta3.img"
2. Search "wfyst.dff" and "wfyst.txd"
3. Replace with the one in downloaded archive
4. Rebuild archive

Installation (Skin selector)
1. Use IMG Tools 2.0 (or others) to open "skin.img"
2. Rename "wfyst.dff" and "wfyst.txd" to your desire, both must have same file name.
3. Add them (Ctrl + A  or  Commands -> Add) to skin.img
4. Rebuild archive

china kousaka gundam build gta skin

kousaka china gundam build gta skin

Download Link:

Original MMD model by くまの / Kumano:

Please do not re-post or re-upload this mod on other site.


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