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Ellie - The Last of Us Updated PS3 Version (GTA SA)

Ellie Williams from The Last of Us by Naughty Dog, Inc. Original PS3 Model extracted by luxox18, XPS model by DeadGameboy666, converted to SA by Feisal AR. You can replace any pedestrian with this skin. Download link below.

1. Silent Patch
This patch will fix hair transparency issues and many many other bugs:

SilentPatch 1.1 

Make sure you have gta_sa.exe v1.0 US or compact. Might not be compatible with some graphics     mods.

2. Ryosuke's Normal Map Plugin
The skin contains normal maps, which adds depth, shading, and better lighting effects to the model.
To use this feature, you need this plugin:


1. Use IMG Tools (or others) to open "gta3.img"
2. Search "wfyst.dff" and "wfyst.txd"
3. Replace with the one in downloaded archive
4. Rebuild archive

ellie last of us gta

Download Link:

Please do not re-post or re-upload this mod on other site.

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