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The Lazlow Show T-Shirt Pack (GTA San Andreas)

The Lazlow Show introduction:
"Once a month, three wee ladies converge in a radio studio in New York City. Then, for the next three hours, they drink and tell jokes about retards. And people around the world tune in and say 'What is this shite?'. This shite, is The Lazlow Show."

           The Lazlow Show is a radio show hosted by Lazlow Jones who has produced lots of radio stations in GTA series. His co-hosts are Big Wayne (always comes up with awesome and crazy stories) and Reed Tucker (the nerdy and gay one). The intro sums up what the show is all about. They talk about pretty much everything, including retards(most of the time), politics, drugs, sex, and pop culture told in an amusing way. If you're not easily offended and just want to hear some fun stuff,  or just want to hear Lazlow being himself IRL, this is the show for you. 

          Each episode of the show is around 2 - 4 hours long and not a single minute is boring in this show. If you're interested to check out the show, you can download MP3 of recent episodes for free in Lazlow's website.

          Well, now about the mod.

The mod is based on t-shirts which you can buy no longer available from Lazlow's site. There are 3 t-shirts in this pack, each with different logo of the show from recent years.
Download Link:
1. Use IMG Tools (or others) to open "player.img"
2. Search "tshirtwhite.txd"
3. Replace with txd texture of your choice in one of the three folders.
4. Rebuild archive


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