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Tutorial - Modding Clothes (GTA San Andreas)

Are you new to GTA modding? Or just want to refresh your memory? Here's a quick tutorial about how to replace clothes texture thingy in GTA San Andreas.

What you'll need:
1. GTA San Andreas (you don't say)
2. Clothes mod file (the thingy with .txd (texture\skin) or .dff (model\mesh) extension)
3. IMG editor. You can pick one of these:

In this tutorial, i'm going to use IMG Tool 2.0 and the mod file is called "tshirtwhite.txd". The steps are pretty much the same no matter which IMG editor you're using. Let's get started!

1. Open your IMG Editor
2. Click file -> open, and select "player.img" (Located in GTA San Andreas\models\ )
3. Our mod file's name is "tshirtwhite.txd". So, we search the file with same name. In IMG Tool click edit -> search -> type in the file name (tshirtwhite.txd in this tutorial). Or simply hit F2 and type in the file name.
4. After you find the file, right click -> replace -> select your mod file -> click open
5. You're done in this step, but it is highly recommended to rebuild your archive, click 
Commands -> rebuild
6. Check out the mod in-game.

If there's a .dff file included with the mod, just repeat those steps, but always rebuild archive after you're done replacing the files. If there's an error, make sure you replace the file with matching type (.txd with .txd).

Easy isn't it? Now you can mod cars, peds, weapons, and many other object models with the same method, with a couple extra steps.

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