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GTA San Andreas Modding Tips

Straight to the point:

1.   Backup your original files

2.         ALWAYS backup your files. Especially "Data", "Models" because they're crucial for the game.  Backing  your files up only take about 5-10 minutes. Otherwise, you might end up crashing the game, and      you have to re-install both the game and mods, which could take more than 30 minutes (depends on your PC and mods). Trust me, it worth the hassle.
             Make a copy of the entire last working GTA San Andreas folder and make it into RAR or ZIP file. Just in case the game cock-ups and crashes, you can overwrite the modded files which causes the problem with the working files from your RAR/ZIP file.
3.        Learn some of modding tools' more advanced features. Not only it can make life a lot easier, cock-up and error frequency will be greatly reduced as well.

4.       Join GTA modding forums. You can learn tons of new things there. The more you learn, the less cock-up will happens.

That's it for now.

BTW, if your game crashes, you have permission to say "Oh, Cock!".    


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